Friday, June 4, 2010

2nd Birthday

I thought I was going to be ready for this...ready for my girls to turn two and become little girls. I was ready to officially say good bye to the baby stage. Or so I thought.

I am SO not ready. I realized that last night after having a fun day of playing and running around. I love where my babies are right now and I really don't want them to get bigger. I know..I am being a selfish. I can't help it though.

I remember last year being so excited for the girls to turn one. It marked Rob and I making it. We had made it through the TTTS surgery, the NICU, the up all nights with screaming babies (to say our first 6 months were awful is an understatement). We made it in one piece and were a stronger couple because of it.

This year we faced numerous challenges and frustrations, but our babies were starting to become individuals. Amazing personalities and love for each other. At times, I didn't know if we would all make it out alive, but we did. And we are better for it.

Now, the girls love to play with each other and be independent....but they LOVE their Mommy. And you know what, I love that they Love me so much and want me to hold them and love on them. I am afraid with the end of their baby stage, this cuddly stage will also end.

I may be a little dramatic here, but I love the stage my girls are at right now. I just want to freeze them and keep them here.

I love you Alexandra and I love you Keegan.

Thank you for giving your daddy and me the best two years of our life. Can't wait to see what your future holds!