Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

So the girls aren't in costume...but this is the best picture from the day!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A new week...

So, I decided thursday is going to be the start to a new week. The girls are actually starting to smile a little bit.

And...I have been trying to save money by couponing and I went to the store today and spent $54, but I saved over $100 in couponing and in store sales! Yahooo!!! Pretty darn good if you ask me!

The girls are still clingy and whiny. I am hoping that this is just sickness and not a new phase of life...

Here are some new pictures of the girls:

Alex is in the brown in the first picture...and Keegan is in the red in the other two pics.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mommy Rader...

Wow...has life been a bit crazy since last week.

My children have developed mommy rader....Now, I am pretty sure that some of it has to do with our recent health issues. But, wow....

I guess I should start from the beginning. We are supposed to be in Florida...enjoying the beautiful weather. We are not. We are still in Illinois. And, I have been to the doctor's office 3 times in the last five days.

The day before we were supposed to leave, we took Alex into the doctor. After being there for almost two hours, she was diagnosed with pneumonia. What?!? So, we cancelled our trip. Today, Keegan was at the doctor's office and has a double ear infection.

It's pretty sad state of affairs at our home. And both of the girls know where I am at all times. And want to be held at all times. They constantly sprint to each area of the house to get to me.

It is cute at times, but by early evening...not as cute.

I do have to say, I was able to accomplish so much yesterday with Alex on my hip..cooked and froze so many meals and made brownies...those were for me =)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Picture of the girls

Inspired Life...Hats

The Multiples and More website is offering a product review and giveaway for some BEAUTIFUL hats...

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Long time coming...

The girls are just so amazing and keeping me incredibly busy! They are all over the place and really getting little personalities.

Alex is my little stinker. She is constantly stealing things from Keegan and knows exactly what she is doing. Our days usually consist of me telling her to give Keegan's ___(toy, binky, food, sippy, etc) back. She runs away with her new prize held above her head. She is very smart too. She knows if a gate is left open immediately and will sprint to it and go through it and try to make it up the stairs.

Sunday, Alex and Keegan's cousins were in town and was trouble. Alex and Emmie were partners in crime. Emmie opened the door to the garage, Alex crawled out and then sprinted to the driveway and street! I was so scared. Thank goodness Jack (oldest cousin) told us very quickly and we got her!

Keegan is just hilarious. She is very into making funny faces and sticking her tongue out. She is also our talker. She is constantly talking to us. I know she is saying something, I just can't figure out what she is saying. Usually, you can hear lalala lalala coming out of her mouth. It's her favorite saying.

We have also managed to stay somewhat healthy, just a few colds. I am starting to FREAK about about swiney...I do not want the girls to get this, but I am not to sure about this shot thing. If it is even available....