Sunday, January 24, 2010


I am so tired and so frustrated. The girls are not sleeping.

They have always been horrible sleepers, but we had finally hit a stride and had the girls sleeping through the night for a good few months (maybe more..right now I feel like they have never slept through the night).

Then Christmas hit. The girls have never started sleeping well since then. Now, we have teeth coming in and Alex is just not good with discomfort. She has been up every hour all weekend. I don't know what to do.

We have tired the CIO, but she just hasn't taken to it. And, I feel bad doing it when she has a toothache, runny nose and sickness. Chriminy. This totally blows.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Growing Up

Life has been such a whirlwind lately. My girls are growing up so fast and I feel like I want to freeze time some days. My days are spent chasing these beautiful girls around.

Some days I can be beyond frustrated, but then I look at them and realize how blessed my family is. We have these spunky, playful spazzes...Which I mean in the sweetest possible way!

Alex is very determined and vocal about her needs. She also loves to steal her sister's toys, but can't tolerate it when her sister does the same. She is strong willed and beautiful.

Keegan is a total individual. She likes to play by herself, but is also starting to play with Alex more. She is also a total tickle bug. I love hearing her little laugh when I tickle her! She is also more of a cuddlebug. Her little closed mouth smile melts my heart everyday.

Here are some of our most recent pictures!

My little angels are full of energy. Getting pictures of them with us is getting harder and harder
I am dipping my toes in the world of cloth diapers..a little late, but good practice for another child in the far future. The girls love them..over their clothes!

They love their tent from Aunt CoCo. They like to turn it on its side for some reason!

Don't worry this cabinet now has a lock on it.

All I have to say is TROUBLE!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Eye Doctor Appointment

The girls had their follow up eye appointments this afternoon and I am so excited that we don't have to go back for THREE more years! Dr. Steve has very pleased with their progress and was also amazed at how much the girls grew since last year. That made my day too!

I have some funny video on my phone of the girls messing with all the buttons in the doctor's office...I let them pretty much do whatever (within reason) in the doctor's office...they were restless and pooped! Now, I just need to figure out how to get it on here!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Does it make me a little crazy if I made French Toast for breakfast this morning, but I wasn't satisfied with the outcome...So, I am remaking some to try another recipe out?

I swear, I am not anal.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Our new favorite thing...

Here are so new pictures of the girls. The first is of their new climbing toy. They are hilarious flying down the slide.

They are also really big fans of their sunglasses now. Especially while eating!

Putting the sunnies on top of their head like mommy

Keegan looking awesome

Alex being cute

When you are sliding into first.....

Okay, Okay...a little graphic I know, but that's been our story this past week. Don't you ankle is NOT broken (found this out after our trip to the ER). Then the diarrhea in our house started with my little Keegan and then Alex. Have no fear, everyone is feeling better!

A few neat things that have happened:
  • Alex was playing with her little people and all the sudden said "she go night-night". She had just put the baby in her crib. WHAT! Growing up so fast!
  • Keegan is saying sister
  • Our night routine is soon going to have to change. They can now crawl out of their jumperoo and exersaucers...

Not so neat...It is freezing. I mean, freezing out. I hate the winter and not being able to go out and about. We are going to get our second H1N1 shot tomorrow...good times...