Monday, January 19, 2009

Things that are annoying...

So, today was such an annoying day. Our poor little babies are sick. Rob is sick. I am sick. So, that makes for a stinky day anyway. On top of all this, the girls had their eye checkup. I was thinking about taking them myself, but we all decided to go. Rob's sister Erin was there, so it was nice to have an extra set of hands. I figured the appointment would be a quick in and out sort of thing...but oh no. Not so much.

We got there and checked in no problem and actually got into the room fairly quickly. There was a bit of a mixup and the nurses weren't sure if the girls needed to get their eyes dialated or not. They told us we wouldn't need to, which I was thrilled about. The girls hated it last time. So we did a couple tests and then waited to see the doctor. About ten minutes later, the nurse came in and said that the girls really did need to get their eyes dialated and that we would then have to sit and wait another half hour. Needless to say, I was annoyed. They then took us to a different room and we fed the babies and then waited another hour or so. And, this new room was about 100, the babies were stripped down to their diapers.

Finally we saw the doctor and he told us the girls were good to go. No vision problems. And we got to see him for about 5 minutes. I guess I can't complain too much because the girls eyes are healthy!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

7 months old!

Hello Again!

So...I stink. I haven't posted in forever. What can I say, time has flown by. The girls are doing great. They are growing and both have big personalities. They are now 7 months old. I can't believe it. Keegan is such a smiler and Alex is bubbly. They must take after their mommy =)

I went back to work for several days before Christmas and headed back full time in January. Well, after much thought and consideration, we decided that full time wasn't going to work for the girls. They were still having feeding issues and although we love the daycare we found, it just wasn't the best for the girls. So, I am going to be staying at home for the time being. I am working through the end of the month and then the girls will have my full attention. It is going to be an adjustment, I am just hoping to find some social outlets. BUT, my first goal is to get some consistency in their sleeping....Mom and Dad haven't slept through the night in a LONG time.

We also have had an exciting winter season. Allison gave birth to a beautiful little boy on January 7. John Cahill Delano weighing 8 1/2 lbs. We had quite a scare with Johnny and he is in the hospital now...Please keep him in his prayers so he can get home with his parents!

I will post some recent pictures soon.