Monday, December 28, 2009


I love going to Walmart...Oh wait, no I don't. Unless it's empty and people aren't staring at me with two kids in my cart usually spazing out.

Yesterday was quite funny though. I went there to try to find the girls some boots and actually found some! So I grabbed two and a couple of other items and hit the checkout line. As the cashier was checking things, she didn't peek up to say hello or anything. The only thing that came out of her mouth was "you know you have two pairs of you really want two pairs of the same shoe?"

Now it wouldn't have been so funny, except for the fact that Alex and Keegan were yapping back and forth at each other and grunting to get their cookies back.

Got to love the Walmart...

What a day...

I was going to write a little post about my funny trip to Walmart..which I guess I will probably still do...but, my day really got thrown off today....

I decided it was time to hit the gym. I haven't been in probably 2 weeks. I was pretty excited (I didn't even come up with an excuse not to go). I was excited to have a really good bodystep instructor. But, then something happened. I totally bit it. Not just a little bite..A huge one.
My ankle was busted. Thankfully, I live in a great little town and about 5 people helped me out. I mean, so nice.

I think it's just a sprained ankle, but I can't put any weight on it. I have been sitting on the couch all day, bored out of my mind. Sort of reminds me of being on bedrest. Thank goodness Rob is off this week. There would have been no way I would have been able to get the girls in the car, out of the car or to bed.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's Christmas Time...

Man, I feel like I haven't posted in forever. It's been such a busy time and honestly, I have been too tired to blog...Lame excuse, but jeesh...these girls have been pills the past couple of days. Not sure what is going on, I am hoping it's some teething and having their schedule thrown off with all the holiday festivities.

We spent Christmas with my family and it was a ton of fun. The girls love playing with their cousins and creating chaos at Nana and Papa. The girls were completely spoiled by Nana and Papa, but weren't totally into the presents. In fact, they kept trying to run out of the room!

We are trying to get back on schedule, but the girls have not been interested in any sort of sleeping...especially during the day. I am thinking it is time to try and go to one nap a day, but I am a little nervous about that. We are struggling with going down in the morning lately, so I am thinking that is a sign....

We shall see...Here are some cute pictures from the past couple of days!
Kisses between sisters!
Keegan and Mommy with her new doll...that cries unless their is a binky or bottle in her mouth..this should be a really fun toy for mommy =)

The chaos and my cutie nephew John

Alex and her big girl booster seat..isn't it cute? I can't find another online anywhere...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Awesome Giveaway!

OMG...I just stumbled upon this amazing giveaway of a HP Touchsmart 600 computer. This computer looks beautiful and does some of the most awesome things...umm, the recipe read back is AWESOME!

Check it out!

Monday, December 7, 2009

TTTS Awareness

Today is Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Awareness Day. As most of you know, Alex and Keegan are TTTS Survivors. My hope is that every expectant mother of twins is aware of this condition and learns what warning signs to look for to catch any issues on time. Ultrasounds are so important, so please...if you feel like you are at risk, insist on ultrasounds as often as possible.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ultrasound memories...

Is it weird that I just made a photo album of ultrasound pictures from my pregnancy with the girls. I know, it took me over 18 months to do something with these pictures. But, that isn't the weird thing. I had over 150 pictures to pick from. 150! I mean, that can't be normal, right?

And how are you supposed to pick which ones to use..they all are so special to me.

So, I decided to use almost all of them. One week got cut out, because I placed them in the wrong chronological order. But, most others were used. Looking at the photos brought back so many memories and emotions. The first pictures, the faces of the 3d images (and how much they look like those pictures!) and the last set that were taken.

I just feel so lucky to have such great documentation of the girls before they were even born...

And now they can't say I never made them a baby book...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winter is here...

Winter is here..sadly...but I was able to pick up a couple of cute hats for the girls and thought I would share some of the pictures I was able to get!
Keegan was all smiles with her new hat

Why are someone's fingers always up their nose?
Alex always walks toward the camera when I am trying to take a pic. But this turned out really cute!

My little Keegan is just so cute! She has been digging these hats!

Friday, December 4, 2009


Thanksgiving was a ton of fun. We travelled up to my father-in-law's home and the girls did awesome. They slept through the night 4 out of 5 nights! This is a major breakthrough for us. Typically, the girls would not sleep anywhere besides their cribs. We did learn several things during this past trip, which I thought I should share
1) Portable DVD players with dual monitors are AMAZING. I always thought that I would
never let my kids watch tv...but the last time I went up to wisconsin, I vowed to never
return. That was how bad it was this past summer. This time, we borrowed a dvd player and
it totally kept them occupied after their car naps!
2) Alex now pretends to be hurt after seeing her sister fall and get hurt. She literally saw
Keegan fall down one stair and then get swooped up by me. She then slowly crawled down the
stairs and then laid flat out and waited for someone to comfort her. The bottom lip even
started to come out!
3) Their vocabulary is really taking off. Words are starting to form and the words they can't
say, they understand what they mean.
4) I already knew this one, girls are amazing. They have just grown up so much in the past year and I am so proud of them.

I can't wait to see what they will do next, but I also don't want them to grow up anymore. I want to freeze time...

Favorite Shoe Friday

I L-O-V-E my Uggs. I have gotten several pairs over the past 5 or so years. They are a little pricey, but I think they are worth every penny for a couple of reasons. A) They are incredibly warm. I hate (really hate) the cold and these shoes keep me warm. B) They can be worn without socks. I don't like the way socks feel. Strange, I know, but I only like to wear socks that don't go over my ankles. That really doesn't work in the middle of winter in the freezing cold. This is the only way I can get away with no socks or ankle socks!

My favorite color as of right now are the browns!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Favorite (totally late again)

Well, I am back from the land of no internet. It was very difficult for me and I was really missing my facebook.

I have so many stories from our Thanksgiving up in Wisconsin, but am working to get our little yayas back on some sort of schedule.

I do have a new favorite thing, but am having a hard time finding the image.

It is my new Sherpa GapBody Cowlneck pullover. It is seriously amazing. Soft, not itchy like most warm things are for me! Really warm and fluffy. It's awesome. I bought it online a couple of weeks ago and it is already gone. So, if you see it at the Gap. I highly recommend purchasing it!

If I find a pic, I will post it soon!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Booster Seats and Jumperoos

We have two new favorite things in our house: booster seats and the jumperoo. Now, you may be wondering why they love the jumperoo at 18 months of age. Well, they love to climb on it. I mean, all over it. At the same time. They have almost perfected it as well. They are able to climb on it and then use their arms to lower themselves back down. It is amazing and hilarious. They will get caught on it sometimes...then they just whine for me to help them.

I also purchased two booster seats yesterday. We are heading to Wisconsin tomorrow and I am not interested in loading up our two massive highchairs. So, I thought we could try them. I put Alex in one this morning and she loved it. She cried when I took her out. The girls have been fighting over it all day. Alex likes to take it into the living room (or kitchen..where ever it isn't) and set it all up in the perfect position and then lounge out. I think some big girl chairs are needed for Christmas.

We have had a few really good days and I am sort of waiting for the shoe to drop. Nervous, but very excited about Thanksgiving, I just hope our stubborn sleepers are up for the trip!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fall days...

We have had such a Fun Sunday! The weather was beautiful and we were able to take the girls to the local Apple Orchard! We took a picture of the girls in this cutout. They also slid down a huge slide with their Daddy and Auntie!

I have a bad feeling that today may have been our last nice day of the season...

We have almost all of our Christmas decorations up and I am getting really excited about the holidays this year. I don't remember much of last years' holiday season..we were still just trying to survive!

I have also added some photos of our week. The ones of the girls in their highchairs are hilarious. Some how, no matter how tight I strap them in, they are able to get out! They were watching me cook up a storm here!

The last picture is what happens when I start to rearrange the room to vacuum. The girls were quick to try and escape our playroom. That was moved back to it's "safe" location right after I took this picture!

Favorite things..

A little late, but that's okay. Lattes are my weakness...I have done so good not to go all the time because it is WAY too expensive...but, this week I have needed it!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Favorite Thing Friday

So, it's a new things I want to try out..Every Friday, a new favorite thing. I know, it's only Thursday, but I want to have an early jump on things.

I have lots of favorite things, so why not share these things with everyone! This week it's the Old Navy Yoga fold over pants:

I was able to snap a pair of these for $8.97 and fell in love with them. I will go into Old Navy just to try and find another pair. They are flattering, comfortable and really cute. I love sweatpants and I feel like these are a cute alternative.
I may be a stay at home mom...but I can't rock the sweatpants everyday, these make me feel a little more dressed up =)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This may not seem like much to some of you...but today, Alex and Keegan both held my hand! I think Alex only did it because Keegan did. But, then Alex really got into it...

She pulled me from the playroom, through the kitchen and into the family room. Multiple times. So cute!

We love pumpkin and chocolate chip muffins

Our girls are LOVING pumpkin chocolate chip muffins! I have never cooked with pumpkin until this year...and I am loving it too!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Decorate for Dax

Hey there...

Things have been pretty crazy here, but I just wanted to drop a note asking for your prayers and decorations for Christmas.

There is a 2 year old boy here, losing a fight against leukemia. His family and him have return from St. Jude because there is no more fighting they can do.

In order to celebrate his life and love of Christmas, they are celebrating Christmas everyday (as he is only expected to live for another 6-8 weeks). Please say prayers and put up your decorations!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

So the girls aren't in costume...but this is the best picture from the day!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A new week...

So, I decided thursday is going to be the start to a new week. The girls are actually starting to smile a little bit.

And...I have been trying to save money by couponing and I went to the store today and spent $54, but I saved over $100 in couponing and in store sales! Yahooo!!! Pretty darn good if you ask me!

The girls are still clingy and whiny. I am hoping that this is just sickness and not a new phase of life...

Here are some new pictures of the girls:

Alex is in the brown in the first picture...and Keegan is in the red in the other two pics.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mommy Rader...

Wow...has life been a bit crazy since last week.

My children have developed mommy rader....Now, I am pretty sure that some of it has to do with our recent health issues. But, wow....

I guess I should start from the beginning. We are supposed to be in Florida...enjoying the beautiful weather. We are not. We are still in Illinois. And, I have been to the doctor's office 3 times in the last five days.

The day before we were supposed to leave, we took Alex into the doctor. After being there for almost two hours, she was diagnosed with pneumonia. What?!? So, we cancelled our trip. Today, Keegan was at the doctor's office and has a double ear infection.

It's pretty sad state of affairs at our home. And both of the girls know where I am at all times. And want to be held at all times. They constantly sprint to each area of the house to get to me.

It is cute at times, but by early evening...not as cute.

I do have to say, I was able to accomplish so much yesterday with Alex on my hip..cooked and froze so many meals and made brownies...those were for me =)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Picture of the girls

Inspired Life...Hats

The Multiples and More website is offering a product review and giveaway for some BEAUTIFUL hats...

check it out:

Long time coming...

The girls are just so amazing and keeping me incredibly busy! They are all over the place and really getting little personalities.

Alex is my little stinker. She is constantly stealing things from Keegan and knows exactly what she is doing. Our days usually consist of me telling her to give Keegan's ___(toy, binky, food, sippy, etc) back. She runs away with her new prize held above her head. She is very smart too. She knows if a gate is left open immediately and will sprint to it and go through it and try to make it up the stairs.

Sunday, Alex and Keegan's cousins were in town and was trouble. Alex and Emmie were partners in crime. Emmie opened the door to the garage, Alex crawled out and then sprinted to the driveway and street! I was so scared. Thank goodness Jack (oldest cousin) told us very quickly and we got her!

Keegan is just hilarious. She is very into making funny faces and sticking her tongue out. She is also our talker. She is constantly talking to us. I know she is saying something, I just can't figure out what she is saying. Usually, you can hear lalala lalala coming out of her mouth. It's her favorite saying.

We have also managed to stay somewhat healthy, just a few colds. I am starting to FREAK about about swiney...I do not want the girls to get this, but I am not to sure about this shot thing. If it is even available....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Do twins sometimes get cheated?

I ask because today was such a beautiful day. I thought that it would be so fun to take the girls to the park. Then I realized that there are two of them and one of me. Maybe we would be fine, but all signs pointed to chaos. They are both still small and would need help. And, they really enjoy sprinting in opposite directions.

But, maybe, just maybe...I am the problem. I was scared. Should I face my fears and just go?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Who needs diapers??

Alex has now figured out how to take off her diaper. We may be in trouble.

This afternoon, I had stripped her down to change clothes when she took off. I had Keegan with me, so I just dressed her first. Then I turned around and saw a cute little bare butt take off. My first thought was to run and get the camera...Then I realized, I should probably cover her up. TOO LATE!

I found her diaper and a puddle of pee right next to it...on our carpeting. Good thing winter is coming, no running free with no clothes on for her. I just hope she doesn't figure out how to take her pants off!

15 month check up

My girls are too funny...and too cute. We have had a very busy week. We had to go to the doctor's for their 15 month check up. They are doing so great. The doctor seemed happy with their progress, but not so happy with me =) He wants them off the bottle and told me I am not allowed to give the girls milk if they wake up only a couple hours after bedtime.

We decided to go cold turkey on the bottles. We were only using them at naptimes and bedtime, so it hasn't been too difficult. I couldn't be more happy about it. We were using Dr. Brown's bottles and there are just so many parts.

One the nighttime feeding front...I am still not totally on board with the doctor. With the girls still be so small, I feel like it's good for them to get some extra nutrition. He told us that they need to go 8 hours without a feeding and that we could go in a feed them at 3-4. My thought is, what difference does it make then...if we go in at 10 and then they sleep to 7?

I am still trying to figure out how to watermark photos and will then be putting some up!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Who you crappin...

It's the first Bears game of the season, so I thought this Ditka quote was a great one to use...

My girls' were born early...10 weeks to be exact. They did so awesome, but were of course tiny when they were born. That was 15 months ago, and you know what? They are still small for their age. Dr. B says that they are thriving and doing awesome. That they are just small.

So, my favorite thing...or when people constantly tell me how small they are. Duh, like I didn't know that. Then comes all the questions....

But my all time fav happened last week. I ran into a former co-worker who had her daughter around the same time as me. She sees the girls and tells me..."oh they are SOOO big!" And, she wasn't saying it in that "oh they have grown so much since the last time I saw them" she just wanted to talk and talk about how big her little girl is, how much she is eating, sleeping, etc.

Who you crappin lady? I understand being proud of your children, but don't bring them up under false you really think the girls are SOO big...

Friday, September 11, 2009

My life...

I love watching my girls grow and gain different, unique personalities. They are just amazing and I couldn't be any more proud of them.

They have several new tricks that they love to show off! Alex loves to blow raspberries on her forearm...well, make any kind of loud noise! She also loves to sprint to an open gate and try to sneak through!

Keegan loves to play peek a boo and give her animals kisses. It just melts my heart!

They have also started to chase each other around and scream with delight.

They are so amazing and such a gift!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crazy nights...

So, I was a little late getting back home from my parents. So, the ya-ya's were not too pleased with their mommy. I decide that I will feed them a little something in hopes that they don't wake up in the middle of the night hungry.

YaYa K was not too into eating, was wanting to crawl on her highchair, so I put her down. Man, she smelled really foul, but figured I would finish up with Alex first, then change her. That was my first mistake. Literally, she came crawling up to me and I about vomited. I mean, I change diapers all day long and this was bad. But, still, I decide to wait a couple of minutes while she talks to me at my feet. Then..I just can't take it and I lift her up to take her to the changing table and I get poop all over me. I mean, it was so gross. Of course, she had just gotten a bath right before I left my parents. Poop everywhere.

So, I clean K up (after realizing we were out of wipes, luckily there were some in the basement) and let her free. I went to check out the aftermath. All over me, her highchair, the floor. Oh, and not just on her highchair, but all over her little restraints that she wiggles out of!I am trying to clean it up before the girls decide to play in it and talking to Rob on the phone (while freaking out). And all I hear is silence.

Crap. Keegan has crawled all the way up the stairs, Alex was hot on her trail. So, i have to grab both of them, put up the gate and then put a blanket on the gate because they know how to climb over it to get up the stairs.

Then, I keep finding poop. All over the place. Now, on to mopping and sniffing for poop while drinking. Honey, you owe me one.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Seriously, how do we go from crawling to sprinting??? Boom-b has been sprinting around for a few weeks, but now K is sprinting everywhere. I really think she just didn't want to walk before...All the sudden, she just started standing up and walking....maybe she was practicing in her crib =)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A New Day....

So, let's just say I started this blog thing awhile ago...I just stopped blogging. I guess, I didn't like the direction it was going. I have decided to start over, be a little bit more creative.

A little background....My girls are amazing. Literally, I think they are. Born at 30 weeks and 1 day, they fought so incredibly hard. They were in the hospital for a little over six weeks. No oxygen ever needed!!

They are now almost 15 months old! Miss Boombie and Keegie-Weegie are so much fun, still overwhelming at times, but awesome! Boom is walking all over the place and Keegie is determined not to walk. I really think it is because Boombie is. She is my little climber though.

I hope you enjoy this blog...I am going to try and mix it up a bit...blogging about family, friends and trying to save money!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Alex and Keegan!

Wow! I really don't know where to start. I can't believe my girls are one. I really, can't believe it. This past year has been the scariest, hardest, most rewarding and amazing time. All wrapped into one. I really wasn't sure we would all make it out alive, but we did and are doing so well. I feel like the past few weeks have gotten so much better! The girls are sleeping well, playing and cruising around like it's their job.

Keegan is suffering from allergies. It's so sad =( But, she still moves and grooves. She has two teeth now and has this new scrunch face that she does. It's freaking hilarious. She is walking behind her walker, so I figure it's only a matter of time. She is also our little adventurer. She loves to explore the house and usually has Alex following right behind her.

Alex is a mommy's girl for sure. She loves to be held and thrown up in the air! She holds her breath for a second when you throw her up and then gets a HUGE grin on her face! She only has one tooth and is able to stand on her own, but hasn't attempted to walk yet. She is also a very smiley girl and we often find her in her crib after her nap just playing around smiling away!

Both the girls light up when Daddy comes home. They love him so much, it's so amazing to see. They also love baby einstein's, which is great when we are trying to have dinner!

I am planning on posting pictures soon!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What a year...

A year ago was one of the scariest times of my life. Rob and I had just found out the girls were diagnosed with twin to twin transfusion syndrome and we were in Cincinnati going through testing. Man, that day was the longest and most painful experiences. There was nothing to invasive completed, it was just alot of laying down on my back and I was pretty pregnant. We waited for what seemed like hours to hear the final verdict. They brought us into this cold conference room and started to speak what seemed like a complete foreign language. They then told us that initially they had thought we would be diagnosed as a stage 1 and not need any form of treatment. But, the echo on the girls proved otherwise and that we were a stage 4. Rob and I had to make a tough decision at that point. We could try amnio reductions or do the fetal laser surgery.

Rob and I decided that we wanted to go ahead with the fetal laser surgery. We wanted to correct and give the girls the best chance possible. This type of surgery came with a huge risk and we really weren't sure how the girls would handle the stress. I had so many fears. Fears about the girls futures, fears about waking up. But, we knew that this was the right decision.

After the surgery, we were told that it was indeed the right decision. I had over 40 shared vessels and that amnio reduction most likely would not have worked. The girls' hearts also were doing so much better. And, the doctors were very hopeful for their survival.

Now, here we are, a year later and I have two healthy babies crawling all around and driving me crazy =). At times, I do lose it and get so frustrated because the girls won't sleep. But, I have to step back and realize how lucky we are to have them. I truly feel they are miracle babies.

As for the sleeping. gosh, i don't know what the deal is. They did so awesome when they were separated. Now, not so much. I am sure it is because they are still sick and teething, but Rob and I are both dying. So, we decided that we will put them in different rooms. Rob is up moving a crib now and I almost started crying. I wanted them to share a room..they have always been in the same room. It's just sad. I feel like I have failed in some way. Rob has promised we can move them back once the sleeping gets better, so that makes me happy. Please keep your fingers crossed that we can move them back together soon!

I promise to post pictures soon!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So, Florida was awesome. I had an amazing time hanging out with my sissies! We ate, drank and shopped....I think I shopped a little too much, but I found so many deals. I didn't even buy a thing for the girls, I don't think. I think this was the first time I really shopped for myself in over a year. I figured I have earned it.

After returning to Florida, both girls got sick. Are still sick. And I feel like will forever be sick. Rob's sick. PLEASE don't let me get sick. I just want some sleep =) Seriously, when will spring be here and I feel like we can actually leave the house and not come down with something??? It seems like we have one good week and then one bad month. I just don't get it. THANK the LORD for my sister in law Erin. She was here this past weekend and helped out so much! Love her!

In between crabbiness, the girls are getting so funny. Imitating what you do and totally ignoring each other. Unless, one wants the others binky. Too funny. Once things settle, I will post some pics from FL!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Freaking out...

I am packing up and getting ready to head to Florida. I am excited and sad all at the same time. I am going to miss my little Keegs...I have never been away from the girls for an extended period of time. I am scared she is going to forget me and I am going to miss that smile of hers. I am afraid to miss anything new that she does. I know, most people would probably be excited for a break. I am excited. I just wish I could have one one day, the other the next day!

Wish me luck!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Quick post...I am tired and wanting to enjoy a glass of wine...okay, or my second glass of wine. The girls are now officially CRAWLING! They were scooting around on their elbows or forearms, but yesterday they starting a real crawl. Both of them, so crazy that it happened on the same day. I am so proud of them, excited for them and scared for myself =) We have taken out our bookcase and coffee table. Our wall looks bare, which is really bothering me for some reason. And, we don't have a good table to put our drinks or hold our plates when we eat...So, I am going to be on the lookout for something on sale =)
Sad note...Keegan has a cold and I am pretty positive that Alex has the start of one. Shoot! I was hoping we were in the clear for the spring/summer. I am going to Florida to hang with my sisters next week and am taking one of the girls. So, hopefully they are better by then. I still don't know which baby I am taking. I am freaking out about leaving one though. I can't imagine only being with one. I almost didn't go because of it. Silly, I know. But, I haven't been away from them for more than a day or so before. If both girls are healthy, I am going to let my nephew Jack pick who I will bring. He told me to bring Keegie cute!

Monday, March 16, 2009

So busy!

The last week has been a very busy one for us. The girls are doing so well! We had our 9 month checkup last week. Alex weighed in at 13 lbs 12 ozs, while Keegan was 13 lbs. So, the girls are still little itty bitties, but don't worry. Their head size is in the 20th and 30th percentile...hahaha, they get that from their dad =)

The girls are all over the place, I swear, they know when I am changing a diaper to head for anything and everything that they shouldn't be playing with. Rob and I need to babyproof so badly!

Aunt Alli and her new baby John came to visit this week! John was born in January and we are having so much fun with him! He is so cute and such a cuddler. He is also 12 lbs, so about the size of the girls..hehehe

Aunt Alli has taught the girls a lot of cool tricks, like eating puffs and trying to sit up! Actually, Alex is now sitting for an extended period of time and Keegan is thisclose to being there! I can't believe it!

Wow..this is a long post...Will write more later about the girls and their personalities!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Little Ladies...

...are nine months old! Man, that is just crazy. The girls are a feisty bunch, that's for sure. I am getting a little frustrated with the whole sleep thing too. So, I am trying to learn and read and see what others have done. We thought we were getting somewhere when we let them do a little CIO. I have always been against that, but we were getting desperate and it's not like we let them cry for hours. It seemed to start to work, but now, it's not. Someone will be up at 3am one day, 4 the next. I just don't know what to do. And, not good nighttime sleeping equals sucky naptimes. Now, they do take them, so that's a positive, but they are usually short. Sorry to rant and rave, I am just ready to sleep.

On a side note, as you probably saw, I am trying to exercise more. So, yesterday during "nap"time I decided to do a little exercising. On Demand has free exercise programs (thanks Lauren and Andrew!), so I decided to give it a whirl. Oh my Lord...I am beyond sore. I mean, I wasn't sure if I would make it through the day with all the getting up and down that I do. Holy crap. But, it's a "good" pain, so I am going to try and do it again tomorrow. It's the Jillian one in case anyone ones to try it. I guess she is a trainer on biggest loser.

I am going to get some pics of the girls tonight when rob gets home, so I will post later!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let it begin...

Oh my goodness..Keegan and Alex are so funny. They woke up this morning, I changed their diapers and put both girls in Alex's crib. I went back to our room to lay down =) I came back in and they were just crawling all over each other and smiling at each other. So funny!

Now, Keegan's favorite thing is to steal Alex's bottle...even when she has her own in her mouth! Cracks me up!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Alex in the tub...eating the faucet
Alex (L) and Keegan

Today was a big day for us. The girls received their LAST Synagis shots. I am so happy about it. My heart breaks each time they get the shots. They really did take it like champs this time. There was definitely a decent amount of crying, but afterward, they took their bottles, naps and played like nothing had happened. I hope that is the case tonight too.

It's crazy that the girls will be nine months old this week. Rob and I were chatting last night and it is amazing how things have changed in the past couple of weeks. The girls are smiling, laughing and moving around like crazy. They are thisclose to crawling. I think we could say they are crawling, but they only go one scoot and then fall.

I feel like we are at such a great point. A few months ago, I felt so exhausted and tired and basically fed up. Feels terrible to say that now, but man, these girls wore us out! At first, I felt a little cheated...not getting to have a "normal" pregnancy. I felt like we were at such a low point. Now, I feel like it was worth it a million times over. I can't get over how much I love these girls. I am so glad that I have two babies...I can't imagine only having one. They are truly amazing little pumpkins!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Lenten Promises...

I can't believe how time flies. Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season is coming. Now, I don't go to church nearly as much as I should be. I do want to go more often, but I don't want to take the girls...they would either cry or pick up too many germs =). But, I have been trying to figure out what I want to sacrifice and give up. Every year I seem to give up the same thing...soda or coffee or swearing. I can usually give these things up for the season, but always hop back on the train.

This year is different. Giving up caffeine is NOT an option. I already gave up my every day Starbucks when I quit working. I don't get as much sleep as I need, I need caffeine for my own sanity. I guess that would make it a true sacrifice, but man...I am not that good =)

This year I am going to do something...not give something up (except I am thinking about giving up chocolate too). I am going to start working out, 3 days a week. I am nervous about this because actually getting to the gym has been tough for me. Before the pregnancy, I went all the time...but that was a long time ago. I am nervous, but am hoping to succeed.

So wish me luck...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

So proud!!

Alex is so happy!!
My little Keegan

I feel like my little girls are growing so fast. I sort of want to slow it down...crazy, I know since a few months ago I was dying for them to get big! The girls are really starting to develop their own little personalities. I still can't believe they are the same babies we brought home. They have just grown by leaps and bounds...

Keegan is just such a happy and smiley baby. She has been sick the past few weeks, but she is finally starting to feel like herself. She is rolling around too and just this morning she rolled from her back to her tummy!! We are so proud of her.

Alex is ALL over the place. Rolling around like a crazy person. She is too funny. She is ALWAYS trying to steal things from Keegan. It's so funny. During the day, when I am feeding them at the same time. She always tries to grab Keegan's bottle away...even though she has one! She is a such a smiler too!

Both the girls are trying to crawl. They get up on their little knees and try so hard, but usually just crash! They both love hanging with Daddy and talking football. It's funny, Rob acts like a commentator and the girls think it's hilarious.

Oh...and biggest news of all....The girls are (sort of) starting to sleep through the night!! Two nights without feedings..wahooo!!! There is a little bit of crying, but we try and do a bit of soothing/cry it out...hopefully we are the road to sleepiness!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! We are having a pretty lazy day at home, which I love about Saturdays. Hopefully I will have some photos to post soon...but in the mean time. I wish I was with my whole family to celebrate the love day. They are the people that I love the parents, sissies, nephews and nieces and brothers in law. I am truly blessed to have them all in my life.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

8 months old!

Oh my goodness! I can't believe the girls are 8 months old today. They are getting so big! I truely feel so blessed to have the girls. We have hit a rough patch this week with a really bad cough and snotty nose, but they are just amazing still. Their little laughs make my days. Happy 8 month birthday my little girlies! love you so much!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Caught them!

So cute...Keegan and Alex fell asleep together in the same crib. They have never done that. I couldn't get a really good picture of it though! It was dark and I couldn't see a darn thing!

Also, Alx kicked butt today with her eating of carrots! Keegan wasn't too interested, but that's okay, she will get there!

A new beginning...

So, I am currently on day two of my new career. Rob and I decided that it would be best if I stayed home with the girls. They just weren't eating well at daycare and have been getting sick. We just don't want to have any setbacks and it was almost more stressful on Rob and me when I was working. I felt like I was never seeing the girls. So, Friday was my last day at work. It was sad, because I really like all the people....but I am so happy and I know this is the right thing!

It's been a little rough. The girls both have horrible colds, so it's been a rough day and a half. Keegan wants to be held all day, which I would love to do, but having two makes it difficult. By the evening last night, my arms were killing me. Carrying two growing babies is giving me a good workout! The girls are just too cute. They are smiling, rolling over and I think just starting the crawling stage...I think...They are both getting up on their knees and rocking their cute little tushies!

Wish me luck on the new career move, I know it's going to be the toughest job of my career!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Things that are annoying...

So, today was such an annoying day. Our poor little babies are sick. Rob is sick. I am sick. So, that makes for a stinky day anyway. On top of all this, the girls had their eye checkup. I was thinking about taking them myself, but we all decided to go. Rob's sister Erin was there, so it was nice to have an extra set of hands. I figured the appointment would be a quick in and out sort of thing...but oh no. Not so much.

We got there and checked in no problem and actually got into the room fairly quickly. There was a bit of a mixup and the nurses weren't sure if the girls needed to get their eyes dialated or not. They told us we wouldn't need to, which I was thrilled about. The girls hated it last time. So we did a couple tests and then waited to see the doctor. About ten minutes later, the nurse came in and said that the girls really did need to get their eyes dialated and that we would then have to sit and wait another half hour. Needless to say, I was annoyed. They then took us to a different room and we fed the babies and then waited another hour or so. And, this new room was about 100, the babies were stripped down to their diapers.

Finally we saw the doctor and he told us the girls were good to go. No vision problems. And we got to see him for about 5 minutes. I guess I can't complain too much because the girls eyes are healthy!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

7 months old!

Hello Again!

So...I stink. I haven't posted in forever. What can I say, time has flown by. The girls are doing great. They are growing and both have big personalities. They are now 7 months old. I can't believe it. Keegan is such a smiler and Alex is bubbly. They must take after their mommy =)

I went back to work for several days before Christmas and headed back full time in January. Well, after much thought and consideration, we decided that full time wasn't going to work for the girls. They were still having feeding issues and although we love the daycare we found, it just wasn't the best for the girls. So, I am going to be staying at home for the time being. I am working through the end of the month and then the girls will have my full attention. It is going to be an adjustment, I am just hoping to find some social outlets. BUT, my first goal is to get some consistency in their sleeping....Mom and Dad haven't slept through the night in a LONG time.

We also have had an exciting winter season. Allison gave birth to a beautiful little boy on January 7. John Cahill Delano weighing 8 1/2 lbs. We had quite a scare with Johnny and he is in the hospital now...Please keep him in his prayers so he can get home with his parents!

I will post some recent pictures soon.