Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crazy nights...

So, I was a little late getting back home from my parents. So, the ya-ya's were not too pleased with their mommy. I decide that I will feed them a little something in hopes that they don't wake up in the middle of the night hungry.

YaYa K was not too into eating, was wanting to crawl on her highchair, so I put her down. Man, she smelled really foul, but figured I would finish up with Alex first, then change her. That was my first mistake. Literally, she came crawling up to me and I about vomited. I mean, I change diapers all day long and this was bad. But, still, I decide to wait a couple of minutes while she talks to me at my feet. Then..I just can't take it and I lift her up to take her to the changing table and I get poop all over me. I mean, it was so gross. Of course, she had just gotten a bath right before I left my parents. Poop everywhere.

So, I clean K up (after realizing we were out of wipes, luckily there were some in the basement) and let her free. I went to check out the aftermath. All over me, her highchair, the floor. Oh, and not just on her highchair, but all over her little restraints that she wiggles out of!I am trying to clean it up before the girls decide to play in it and talking to Rob on the phone (while freaking out). And all I hear is silence.

Crap. Keegan has crawled all the way up the stairs, Alex was hot on her trail. So, i have to grab both of them, put up the gate and then put a blanket on the gate because they know how to climb over it to get up the stairs.

Then, I keep finding poop. All over the place. Now, on to mopping and sniffing for poop while drinking. Honey, you owe me one.

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