Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big Girls

I just had to post this picture of the girls...Because Alex is chessing it up so much. Things were a bit rough this past week due to their shots. It was so sad to see them have to get four each. Thank goodness Daddy was there to hold them! Their sleep got all sorts of messed up, but we are on getting back to some sort of schedule. Alex also rolled over for the first time! I went to get her up yesterday morning and there she was..on her back. Yes, they sleep on their stomachs. I blame the NICU for starting that habit. They are still very high maintenance, but hopefully they will start to play a little more soon. At least we are getting some smiles here and there. Next week we have another first...We are going on an airplane to see Aunt Alli and her growing belly! Oh boy..should be interesting!
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We are 4 months old!

We are getting so big! We turned 4 months old on Sunday! Here is a pic of the girls with their very first dolls that Grandpa gave them! The top picture shows Alex on the left and Keegan on the right. In the second picture Alex is on the right and Keegan is on the left.

Today the girls had to get their shots. It always breaks my heart to see that and I almost had to take out another mom. She was not nice, making comments about the size of our girls...not to us, but so we could hear. And then, blatantly (sp?) listening to our conversation with the health department lady. I soo wanted to say something to her, but I didn't. Gosh, I get so annoyed with ignorant people.

Anywho, the girls are taking the shots pretty well and are starting to get more playful. They are still hard to have just one of us take care of them, but we are making progress!