Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Freaking out...

I am packing up and getting ready to head to Florida. I am excited and sad all at the same time. I am going to miss my little Keegs...I have never been away from the girls for an extended period of time. I am scared she is going to forget me and I am going to miss that smile of hers. I am afraid to miss anything new that she does. I know, most people would probably be excited for a break. I am excited. I just wish I could have one one day, the other the next day!

Wish me luck!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Quick post...I am tired and wanting to enjoy a glass of wine...okay, or my second glass of wine. The girls are now officially CRAWLING! They were scooting around on their elbows or forearms, but yesterday they starting a real crawl. Both of them, so crazy that it happened on the same day. I am so proud of them, excited for them and scared for myself =) We have taken out our bookcase and coffee table. Our wall looks bare, which is really bothering me for some reason. And, we don't have a good table to put our drinks or hold our plates when we eat...So, I am going to be on the lookout for something on sale =)
Sad note...Keegan has a cold and I am pretty positive that Alex has the start of one. Shoot! I was hoping we were in the clear for the spring/summer. I am going to Florida to hang with my sisters next week and am taking one of the girls. So, hopefully they are better by then. I still don't know which baby I am taking. I am freaking out about leaving one though. I can't imagine only being with one. I almost didn't go because of it. Silly, I know. But, I haven't been away from them for more than a day or so before. If both girls are healthy, I am going to let my nephew Jack pick who I will bring. He told me to bring Keegie cute!

Monday, March 16, 2009

So busy!

The last week has been a very busy one for us. The girls are doing so well! We had our 9 month checkup last week. Alex weighed in at 13 lbs 12 ozs, while Keegan was 13 lbs. So, the girls are still little itty bitties, but don't worry. Their head size is in the 20th and 30th percentile...hahaha, they get that from their dad =)

The girls are all over the place, I swear, they know when I am changing a diaper to head for anything and everything that they shouldn't be playing with. Rob and I need to babyproof so badly!

Aunt Alli and her new baby John came to visit this week! John was born in January and we are having so much fun with him! He is so cute and such a cuddler. He is also 12 lbs, so about the size of the girls..hehehe

Aunt Alli has taught the girls a lot of cool tricks, like eating puffs and trying to sit up! Actually, Alex is now sitting for an extended period of time and Keegan is thisclose to being there! I can't believe it!

Wow..this is a long post...Will write more later about the girls and their personalities!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Little Ladies...

...are nine months old! Man, that is just crazy. The girls are a feisty bunch, that's for sure. I am getting a little frustrated with the whole sleep thing too. So, I am trying to learn and read and see what others have done. We thought we were getting somewhere when we let them do a little CIO. I have always been against that, but we were getting desperate and it's not like we let them cry for hours. It seemed to start to work, but now, it's not. Someone will be up at 3am one day, 4 the next. I just don't know what to do. And, not good nighttime sleeping equals sucky naptimes. Now, they do take them, so that's a positive, but they are usually short. Sorry to rant and rave, I am just ready to sleep.

On a side note, as you probably saw, I am trying to exercise more. So, yesterday during "nap"time I decided to do a little exercising. On Demand has free exercise programs (thanks Lauren and Andrew!), so I decided to give it a whirl. Oh my Lord...I am beyond sore. I mean, I wasn't sure if I would make it through the day with all the getting up and down that I do. Holy crap. But, it's a "good" pain, so I am going to try and do it again tomorrow. It's the Jillian one in case anyone ones to try it. I guess she is a trainer on biggest loser.

I am going to get some pics of the girls tonight when rob gets home, so I will post later!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let it begin...

Oh my goodness..Keegan and Alex are so funny. They woke up this morning, I changed their diapers and put both girls in Alex's crib. I went back to our room to lay down =) I came back in and they were just crawling all over each other and smiling at each other. So funny!

Now, Keegan's favorite thing is to steal Alex's bottle...even when she has her own in her mouth! Cracks me up!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Alex in the tub...eating the faucet
Alex (L) and Keegan

Today was a big day for us. The girls received their LAST Synagis shots. I am so happy about it. My heart breaks each time they get the shots. They really did take it like champs this time. There was definitely a decent amount of crying, but afterward, they took their bottles, naps and played like nothing had happened. I hope that is the case tonight too.

It's crazy that the girls will be nine months old this week. Rob and I were chatting last night and it is amazing how things have changed in the past couple of weeks. The girls are smiling, laughing and moving around like crazy. They are thisclose to crawling. I think we could say they are crawling, but they only go one scoot and then fall.

I feel like we are at such a great point. A few months ago, I felt so exhausted and tired and basically fed up. Feels terrible to say that now, but man, these girls wore us out! At first, I felt a little cheated...not getting to have a "normal" pregnancy. I felt like we were at such a low point. Now, I feel like it was worth it a million times over. I can't get over how much I love these girls. I am so glad that I have two babies...I can't imagine only having one. They are truly amazing little pumpkins!