Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Booster Seats and Jumperoos

We have two new favorite things in our house: booster seats and the jumperoo. Now, you may be wondering why they love the jumperoo at 18 months of age. Well, they love to climb on it. I mean, all over it. At the same time. They have almost perfected it as well. They are able to climb on it and then use their arms to lower themselves back down. It is amazing and hilarious. They will get caught on it sometimes...then they just whine for me to help them.

I also purchased two booster seats yesterday. We are heading to Wisconsin tomorrow and I am not interested in loading up our two massive highchairs. So, I thought we could try them. I put Alex in one this morning and she loved it. She cried when I took her out. The girls have been fighting over it all day. Alex likes to take it into the living room (or kitchen..where ever it isn't) and set it all up in the perfect position and then lounge out. I think some big girl chairs are needed for Christmas.

We have had a few really good days and I am sort of waiting for the shoe to drop. Nervous, but very excited about Thanksgiving, I just hope our stubborn sleepers are up for the trip!

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