Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fall days...

We have had such a Fun Sunday! The weather was beautiful and we were able to take the girls to the local Apple Orchard! We took a picture of the girls in this cutout. They also slid down a huge slide with their Daddy and Auntie!

I have a bad feeling that today may have been our last nice day of the season...

We have almost all of our Christmas decorations up and I am getting really excited about the holidays this year. I don't remember much of last years' holiday season..we were still just trying to survive!

I have also added some photos of our week. The ones of the girls in their highchairs are hilarious. Some how, no matter how tight I strap them in, they are able to get out! They were watching me cook up a storm here!

The last picture is what happens when I start to rearrange the room to vacuum. The girls were quick to try and escape our playroom. That was moved back to it's "safe" location right after I took this picture!

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