Thursday, February 19, 2009

So proud!!

Alex is so happy!!
My little Keegan

I feel like my little girls are growing so fast. I sort of want to slow it down...crazy, I know since a few months ago I was dying for them to get big! The girls are really starting to develop their own little personalities. I still can't believe they are the same babies we brought home. They have just grown by leaps and bounds...

Keegan is just such a happy and smiley baby. She has been sick the past few weeks, but she is finally starting to feel like herself. She is rolling around too and just this morning she rolled from her back to her tummy!! We are so proud of her.

Alex is ALL over the place. Rolling around like a crazy person. She is too funny. She is ALWAYS trying to steal things from Keegan. It's so funny. During the day, when I am feeding them at the same time. She always tries to grab Keegan's bottle away...even though she has one! She is a such a smiler too!

Both the girls are trying to crawl. They get up on their little knees and try so hard, but usually just crash! They both love hanging with Daddy and talking football. It's funny, Rob acts like a commentator and the girls think it's hilarious.

Oh...and biggest news of all....The girls are (sort of) starting to sleep through the night!! Two nights without feedings..wahooo!!! There is a little bit of crying, but we try and do a bit of soothing/cry it out...hopefully we are the road to sleepiness!!

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