Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So, Florida was awesome. I had an amazing time hanging out with my sissies! We ate, drank and shopped....I think I shopped a little too much, but I found so many deals. I didn't even buy a thing for the girls, I don't think. I think this was the first time I really shopped for myself in over a year. I figured I have earned it.

After returning to Florida, both girls got sick. Are still sick. And I feel like will forever be sick. Rob's sick. PLEASE don't let me get sick. I just want some sleep =) Seriously, when will spring be here and I feel like we can actually leave the house and not come down with something??? It seems like we have one good week and then one bad month. I just don't get it. THANK the LORD for my sister in law Erin. She was here this past weekend and helped out so much! Love her!

In between crabbiness, the girls are getting so funny. Imitating what you do and totally ignoring each other. Unless, one wants the others binky. Too funny. Once things settle, I will post some pics from FL!

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