Monday, January 4, 2010

When you are sliding into first.....

Okay, Okay...a little graphic I know, but that's been our story this past week. Don't you ankle is NOT broken (found this out after our trip to the ER). Then the diarrhea in our house started with my little Keegan and then Alex. Have no fear, everyone is feeling better!

A few neat things that have happened:
  • Alex was playing with her little people and all the sudden said "she go night-night". She had just put the baby in her crib. WHAT! Growing up so fast!
  • Keegan is saying sister
  • Our night routine is soon going to have to change. They can now crawl out of their jumperoo and exersaucers...

Not so neat...It is freezing. I mean, freezing out. I hate the winter and not being able to go out and about. We are going to get our second H1N1 shot tomorrow...good times...

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