Saturday, September 27, 2008


So proud of myself. I was able to get the girls to take a nap in their crib yesterday afternoon all by myself. Now, this is monumental. They NEVER let us do that, even when my mom is here helping. We usually spend the day holding them! I think I wore them out though =) I was taking care of them alone and they had to tolerate sharing, that didn't make them the happiest. So, we definitely had some crying time before the nap!

We are thinking about taking the girls to florida. Are we crazy, yes I think so. But, my parents are meeting Alli and Bryan and my niecephew (don't know if Alli is having a boy or a girls's killing me) at the beach and they feel bad for leaving us all alone. They also say they want to hang out, but I am not too sure =) We have to decide today, so I will keep you posted. It's so great to have them and that they even thought about letting us invade their vacation!

It's been a rough week. Lots of ups and downs. Keep hoping for more ups Please!!

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