Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Growing up!

The girls have been doing a lot of growing! They are now cooing and smiling back at us. It's so fun to see and I love having them talk to me! AND....They are starting to tolerate sitting in the swing! Not for a long time, but we are getting there. They still insist on being held most of the day, but hey, one step at a time. We went to visit my Nan this week...She is 92 and still doing pretty well. She loves the babies and always becomes the most popular resident when the girls are there. I usually try to hide them in her room. The other day we were stalked by some woman who wouldn't back off. She kept asking me to hold one of the girls and I would tell her "No, only family can hold them now because they are so little." Then she proceeded to tell me how healthy she was as she coughed into her hands. It was pretty awesome! So, in the picture is Great Nan and Nana!
Oh, and I called the doctor to confirm they are identical twins. I know, I think of more things to worry about. But, it just doesn't seem like they look the same. But, I received confirmation that they are identical twins (hopefully they really looked at the pathology report like I asked!).
Peace out.

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  1. Bridget you are so stinking cute!!! You and I are such similar mommies!!! I love the new pics of the girls they are absolutely precious!!!! Keep em coming!! Oh and congrats to Allison SOOOO exciting!!


    PS I think the girls look so much alike, I was actually going to ask you how you are telling them apart