Friday, March 26, 2010

Alex's Favorite Things

Here is a follow up of Alex's Favorite things:
  • Her highchair tray has to be completely clean when you give it to her. There can not be any water drips from cleaning it, or she will let you know. She will say "uh-oh" until you clean it up.
  • Everything must in order before her day starts. Door closed, toilet seats down. Again, will say "uh-oh" if anything is not in order
  • She pulls off her diaper if she doesn't have a onesie or pants on.
  • She doesn't care about a toy until Keegan has it
  • She loves to jump
  • Elmo is her favorite doll
  • She loves her neighbor friend. She will sit at the window and cry for him...and her cousin
  • She loves to jam out. It has gotten crazy at times!
  • She will crawl up anything at anytime
  • Loves vaseline
  • Thinks that Daddy is amazing
  • Sucks the cinnamon and sugar off her toast before eating it
  • Loves bath time with her sissy
  • loves to swing
  • LOVES to jump on beds and sing songs!

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