Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Has it really been a couple of months since I posted. I am a total slacker!

The girls are back to sleeping better and we have had a rough go around with sickness. A few ear infections and a lot of colds. I am hoping we are over it for a least a little while.

We took the girls down to Fort Lauderdale to visit with my sister, brother-in-law, my nephew and niece. It was awesome. The girls did really well with all of the flights (total of 4!)...man, those seats seem a lot smaller when you put an adult and a toddler in them! I will attach some pictures soon, I promise(ish) =) Don't want to get held to something...

Alex and Keegan continue to amaze me. Lately, they have been all about each other. It's sissy this, sissy that. They are constantly looking for each other and crying when they can't see each other. It's pretty darn cute, but difficult at naptime and night time. They are talking like crazy, though we don't know what they are saying most of the time. They really love their Daddy and ask for him every morning when they wake up.

They definitely know how to push my buttons and know exactly when they are doing it. They usually give me a big grin right before getting in trouble! They are too darn cute sometimes...okay all the time

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