Friday, March 26, 2010

Keegan's Favorite Things...

Man, the girls are developing such little personalities. I love watching the girls grow, learn and develop their own little quirks. Here are a few of Keegan's:
  • She loves her pink binkie, upside down
  • She flies down the stairs on her stomach, literally catapults herself down with her arms
  • Loves to try and climb up the kitchen chairs and then sit in her booster seat
  • Ignores Alex
  • Loves to give kisses and hugs
  • Is a total mommy. She rocks anything, everything and sometimes nothing...No seriously, she rocks sippy cups...
  • She loves to make funny faces and make you laugh
  • She loves to jump
  • Loves to take the cushions out of the recliners and jump off the chair into them
  • She wakes up in the morning and just chats to herself...and asks for her cousin Emmie.
  • is an AMAZING climber. She is maybe 20 lbs but can pull anything and get up on anything
  • Loves lotions
  • Thinks that daddy is amazing
  • Loves to run around the "big kid" park. Not scared of anything
  • Loves bathtime
  • LOVES to jump on beds and sing songs

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